Nathan Fridman, Principal of Nu-Place Realty and Manager Yael Goldman combine a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 70 years. They work to support and mentor Nu-Place agents and staff, sharing years of knowledge of the condominium and coop markets. Together Nathan and Yael continue to uphold the 42-year-old boutique agency to the highest standard of excellence.


Nu-Place is a vibrant boutique agency based in Queens with a 40-plus year history in delivering the highest level of excellence to buyers, sellers and developers.

To date, Nu-Place has sold over 10,000 cooperative and condominium units and has worked with thousands of clients to equip them with the tools to find or sell their properties. Over the years, it has also built a stellar reputation for working closely with developers in Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn to convert its buildings to coops and condos.

The focus of Nu-Place agents is learning about what it is that you want in a home or investment property. To that end they take extra care and attention to locate the right property tailored to your needs.


The word "Nu" in "Nu-Place Realty" is a play on a Yiddish word. Loosely translated, it means, "So, what's next?"

The word "nu" relates to the agency's mission to provide people with the very best living spaces that enable them to continually grow and reach their goals: "So, what's next for you? A new house or apartment?"

At Nu-Place, clients not only acquire a home but rather something to help them increase their quality of life. Yet arriving at that goal begins with a simple conversation between themselves and their agents.